Who We Are & What We Do

The Risk Communication and Resilience (START) Stream of the First-year Innovation & Research Experience (FIRE) evaluates strategies that help explore, improve, and revise best practices for risk and crisis communication.

Emina Herovic, PhD Director of Research Education: Risk Communication and Resilience Stream

Everyday, people have to make choices about risk. Often, we do this without thinking because the risk is small. However, sometimes we are faced with situations that have significant consequences. Our stream evaluates the way information is shared, what information is needed, and how information is used in these higher impact decisions where people have the ability to lose resources.

We seek to improve their understanding of risk messages, how they attend to and share information during crises, and what are the most efficient ways to give people the information necessary to make decisions that are best to them during these situations.

We work as a team of undergraduate research scholars, a research educator, and a number of peer mentors who assist in creating an academically engaging, research intensive learning environment with a focus on risk communication, crisis management, and resilience building for organizations to help become more robust against emergency events.

The Research Crew:


Okay, for real this time…



At work in the lab:



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